Reflow Ovens

Founded in 1960, Heller Industries, pioneered convection reflow ovens for reflow soldering in the 1980s. Over the years, Heller has worked in partnership with our customers to continually refine the systems to satisfy advanced application requirements. By embracing challenge and change, Heller continues in its position as the leader in Reflow technology.

Reflow Ovens photoWith the invention of the first waterless / filterless flux separation system, Heller won the prestigious Vision Award for Innovation in Soldering but more importantly extended maintenance intervals from weeks to months. With the low nitrogen and low KVA designs, Heller continues to lead the way with the lowest cost of ownership models in the industry.

Combining this unmatched engineering expertise with a business model that focuses on Regional Manufacturing and Centers for Excellence, Heller provides a "local" presence that goes beyond simple manufacturing. Localized Engineering, Service, Spares, Process Support and Training facilities separate Heller from the competition and make Heller the obvious choice for Reflow Soldering Solutions worldwide.

Reflow Ovens Series

We offer 2 series of Reflow Oven Machines to meet your special application requirements:

Common To All Heller Reflow Ovens

Available Features:

  • 400° and 450° available
  • Edge hold conveyor
  • Nitrogen option with 100 PPM @ < 900 SCFH
  • GEN 5 waterless flex separation system
  • Nitrogen retrofittable capability
  • Nitrogen Retrofit option
  • RMATS-Remote Monitoring and Technical Support option
  • ETL/CE certification
  • Dual edge hold conveyor
  • Water cooling
  • GEM/SECs interface
  • Industry 4.0 communication
SMT Reflow Soldering Technology pic

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Florham Park, NJ 07932, USA




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